Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mister Rogers and the Pacifier

SOURCE:  Presbyterian Media Mission.  “Presbyterian Media Mission Remembers TV's Fred Rogers.”  PCUSA NEWS.   February 27, 2003
KEYWORDS:  Mister Rogers, pacifier, important, lost, found

PITTSBURGH - TV's most beloved children's program host and producer was ordained in 1962 by Pittsburgh Presbytery for The Rev. Fred Rogers to minister to children and their families through the medium of television. He graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in 1963.

"He not only served as a neighbor and friend to viewers but was held in great esteem by many members of the Presbyterian Church and a variety of folks in the television industry," said The Rev. Jim Mead, Pastor to Pittsburgh Presbytery and PMM Board member.

In 2000, Rogers was honored by the Religion Communicators Council who presented Rogers a Lifetime Wilbur Award in supporting religious values in the public media. The Rev. Dennis C. Benson accepted on Fred's behalf the Wilbur Award with these words that capture the essence of Mr. Roger's ministry . . . "A friend was recently walking down the street in Pittsburgh with Fred Rogers. Fred suddenly stopped and picked up an infants pacifier on the sidewalk. He said, 'Someone lost something very important.' He walked up to a nearby house and knocked on the door. When a woman answered the door, Fred asked, 'Did someone here lose this?' She said, 'Why yes. Thank you.' So on behalf of the children of America, and the child in each of us, thank you for honoring Fred Rogers.

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