Saturday, February 20, 2010

Picture of God


A teacher asks a class of kindergarteners to draw a picture. The class gets to work. The teacher walks around the class and stops at little Susie's desk. The teacher asks, "Susie, what are you drawing?" Susie responds, "A picture of God." The teacher says, "But Susie, no one knows what God looks like." Susie says, "They will in a minute."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reconciling Power of Food

Source: "Oprah's Chef Brings Charm to the Table" by Emily Schwab.
Keyword: Communion, Lord's Table, Eucharist,

Art Smith is Oprah's personal chef and a rotating judge on Iron Chef America. On the February 14, 2010 edition of Fox News Sunday, Art Smith discussed briefly the reconciling power of food. Wallace said that he couldn't serve Art's food at the show because the guests would all get along.

From the article, Art Smith says,

"Most people don't get along, 'cus they don't spend enough time at the table together."