Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Idiots and Church Membership

SOURCE:  “20 Centuries in 20 Minutes” in The Word Today  by Dr. James C. Denison, January 14, 2005.
KEYWORDS:  church membership, identity

A Baptist pastor was inviting people in his neighborhood to visit his church. An elderly lady said, "No thank you, young man, I'm a Methodist." "If you don't mind telling me," he asked, "why are you a Methodist?" "Well," she replied, "you see, my parents were Methodist, my grandparents were Methodist, and my great-grandparents were Methodist." The frustrated young pastor responded, "That's no reason, just because all your relatives are Methodists. What would you do if all your relatives were idiots?" "In that case," she smiled, "I'd probably be a member of your church."

Dr. James C. Denison
Senior Pastor, Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

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