Sunday, December 19, 2010


SOURCE:  http://www.mnnonline (Mission Network News), "Foot washing teams share the Gospel in Zambia," October 10, 2005.
KEYWORDS:  footwashing, servanthood, John 13:14-15

A Teen Missions International team recently learned there was more to caring for the needy than just collecting and distributing shoes and socks. The group of teens traveled to Zambia with nothing more than backpack for their personal belongings and a duffle bag full of shoes and socks to distribute to AIDS orphans in the region. When they arrived, they used puppets to share the gospel and helped the children learn to read. Most of the African Children had never owned a pair of shoes in their life. This presented the mission team with a unique opportunity.

Before they could be fitted with shoes, the orphan's feet had to be treated because many had sores and worm infestations. The Teen Missions group displayed genuine servanthood by washing the feet of the children and then putting socks and shoes on for them. President of Teen Mission International, Bob Bland says the Foot Washing Ministry was a first. The team distributed 6,000 pairs of socks and 2,400 pairs of shoes in Jesus' name. He said, "We had hundreds of young people that accepted Christ as their personal Savior." Teen Missions is planning similar outreaches next year, and has already begun to collect shoes.

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