Sunday, December 19, 2010

Battle for Your Worship

SOURCE:  "The Air I Breath: Worship As a Way of Life" by Louie Giglio; pg 30
KEYWORDS:  worship, idolatry

In his book, "The Air I Breath: Worship As a Way of Life", Louie Giglio writes, "Worship also matters because every day there's a battle for your worship.

The things we elevate. The values we serve. None of those choices are made in a vacuum. There's a war raging for our worship, and it's been raging since before there was time.

Even before the earth was formed, one of God's highest angels bolted from His presence, refusing to join the ranks of the true worshipers, refusing to exalt God above all. The account records that in a flash Satan fell like lightning from heaven. Exalting himself more than God, Satan was banned from His presence."

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