Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Learning Who We Really Are


Keywords: baptism, identity

In Toy Story 2, a toy collector steals Woody, a cowboy doll. He takes Woody to his apartment. Woody finds himself in a dark room, all alone. And then he hears the voice of Jessie, a similarly dressed cowgirl, who recognizes him. Jessie gets very excited that "Woody" is finally here. Woody asks, "How do you know me?" She replies, "You don’t know who you are?" She then turns on a light and shows Woody the shelves that are filled with Woody memorabilia. Woody finds out he was a puppet in a famous children‘s television show from the 1950s. She shows him old episodes and Woody watches with great joy. So it is in baptism. God knows us before we know who God is, and in this sacrament we are told who we are....a child of God.

(submitted by Kathryn Self, Plano TX)

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