Friday, July 18, 2008

Sin as Pollution

SOURCE: "Sin as Pollution" by Frederica Matthews Green (Garrison Keillor). Here and Now Podcast.
KEYWORDS: evil, nameless, faceless, victimless

Frederica Matthews Green speaks about sin using a Garrison Keillor monologue. Although I do not have time to transcribe the entire monologue, I did find a summary by Jason Zahariades in his blog, Journeying Home.
The title of the podcast was Sin As Pollution.” In the podcast, Frederica was describing the effects of sin by reading part of a monologue by Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion fame.

The monologue was in the form of a letter written by Jim, a man who was waiting on his front yard to be picked up by a woman from work with whom he was going to attend a conference and with whom he was tempted to begin an affair.

As Jim is waiting to be picked up by this woman, he waxes reflective about the repercussion of his potential affair. As he looks down the street at his neighbors’ homes, Jim realizes that his infidelity will pollute many lives. He states, “Although I thought my sins would be secret, they would be no more secret than an earthquake.” His reflections climax with this powerful and moving image, “When my wife and I scream in senseless anger, blocks away, a little girl we do not know, spills a bowl of gravy all over a white tablecloth.”

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