Friday, July 04, 2008

Great Commission Church

SOURCE: "Reaching Outward is Key to Growth" by John Sniffen. PCUSA News. June 27, 2008.

KEYWORDS: evangelism, gospel

Paul D. Borden is executive minister of Growing Healthy Churches of San Ramon, CA. During a luncheon at the 218th General Assembly, he spoke about how to build what he called “a Great Commission congregation” (ref. Matthew 28:19-20).
“Evangelism is the key,” he said. “People automatically think that means tactics or strategies, but that’s not what I’m talking about.”

A Great Commission congregation — which can also be called a missional congregation — continually presents the good news of the gospel in a variety of formats, he explained. It is a congregation focused outward, not inward, always seeking to reach the unchurched. “Great Commission congregations work to change their communities and to advance God’s kingdom,” said Borden.

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James said...

Although I am committed to the principles of the missional church as defined by Guder et al. The term is almost meaningless to congregations. Also, the term has been coopted by others. Perhaps this term will be an alternative.