Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hearing Only the Critics

SOURCE:  from an article by Brian Hiatt in the Rolling Stone.  Quoted by David Collins.
KEYWORDS:  sin, criticism, image of God, 

There was a story about Larry David (one of the funniest men alive) in Rolling Stone a while back.

In it, Brian Hiatt writes,
 “One night during his stay (in New York), David went to Yankee Stadium to see a game. His image went up on the big screen as Curb Your Enthusiasm’s theme song played over the big speakers. An entire stadium of fans stood and cheered for the hopeless case from Brooklyn. It should have been a life-defining moment, the redemptive final scene in the biopic. But as it turned out, not so much. As David left the stadium, a guy drove by and yelled, “Larry, you suck!” “That’s like, literally all he heard,” Berg (David’s friend) says.
David spent the ride back from the Bronx obsessing over that moment, running it over and over in his mind. It was as if the other 50,000 people, the ones who loved him, didn’t exist. “Who’s that guy? What was that?” He asked. “Who would do that? Why would you say something like that?”
I like that story. It has a lot to say about how we listen to our critics, but not our fans. (God being our biggest fan, after all)

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