Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Just Make the Policy

Source:  "Isn't this Upside Down?" by Rev. Linda Hollies.  Day 1.  July 5, 1998
Scripture:   Galatians 6:7-10
Once upon a time, a hippo fell in love with a butterfly. The hippo was enchanted and wanted a deeper relationship. So, the hippo went to visit the wise old owl and asked how this relationship might blossom and grow. For a minute or two, the owl was quiet. Then, the owl said to the hippo, "Become a butterfly." The hippo stood there for awhile trying to comprehend how to become a butterfly. Finally, the hippo took off running and made an heroic attempt to fly. Of course, there was this big boom and some embarrassment as the hippo got up and returned to the owl, "You made a fool of me," said the hippo. "I tried to become a butterfly and failed. What am I to do now?" The wise old owl was quiet, but eventually spoke to the waiting hippo. "I make policy. It's up to you to enforce it."

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