Friday, February 06, 2009

Superman Don't Need No Airplane

SOURCE: "Bracing Ourselves" by Peggy Noonan; Wall Street Journal, February 6, 2009.

KEYWORDS: humility, foundation, ground, humble

"...I think it's like the old story told about Muhammad Ali. It was back in the 1960s and Mr. Ali, who was still Cassius Clay, was a rising star of boxing, on his way to being champ. One day he was on a plane, going to a big bout. He was feeling good, laughing with friends. The stewardess walked by before they took off, looked down and saw that his seatbelt was unfastened. She asked him to fasten it. He ignored her. She asked him again, he paid no attention. Now she leaned in and issued an order: Fasten the seatbelt, now. Mr. Clay turned, looked her up and down, and purred, "Superman don't need no seatbelt."

She said, "Superman don't need no airplane. Buckle up." And he did

We all think we're supermen, and we're not, and you're lucky to have a faith that both grounds you and catches you."

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